Tuesday Travel Review: Viva Las Vegas




What happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas…most times. In this case, I’ll tell you my experiences with my Vegas travels. To date, I have been to Las Vegas three times and each time I have stayed somewhere different. I’ve also planned the trip differently each time: trip 1 I used a travel agent, trip 2 I planned on my own, and trip 3 I went with a group that used an agent/promoter. Each trip I’ve also experienced something new from Vegas shows, pool parties, and Vegas dining. In this post I’ll give you my take on Vegas and the do’s and don’ts when planning your stay.

My very first time going to Vegas was August 2011. It was a girl’s trip for my best friend and I. I was just getting into traveling so I decided to use a local travel agency (Mann Travels). I called them up and gave them our budget. From there, our assigned agent emailed me a listing of packages with hotels and date ranges. We just had to pick our favorite. Based on price and some recommendations by the agent we chose The Monte Carlo hotel. From what we saw on a Vegas strip map it appeared to be in a decent location and close to the action. The total of the trip which included airfare, hotel transfers, accommodations, and 2 tickets to a Vegas show was under $550.00. WHOA NELLY!!! (who is Nelly by the way? The rapper?) Of course this was in 2011. Things have changed.

Overall, this turned out to be a great trip. The hotel was definitely in a great spot and was easily accessible to lots of other fun hotels. We took advantage of the hotel trams that are behind most of the hotels. (And air conditioned!!!) We chose the Chris Angel show with our package, yea I’m still trying to figure out how he did that stuff. (How sway??)

My second trip to Vegas was more of a spur of the moment situation. Again, it was a girl’s trip with one other friend. I used several flight search engines to compare prices of different airlines. (US Air or American Air was the main airline that flew nonstop to Vegas from Charlotte) Once I got a feel of the airfare, I looked up hotels. From my first trip in Vegas, I remembered where pretty much every hotel was located on the main strip. After lots of comparing,  I ended up using an airline vacation package bundle deal. Each airline has a tab called vacations that acts as a travel agent for you. This time our total price was about $575 each. Which is still great for flight + hotel.

Although our hotel, Luxor, was at the end of the strip it still was in a good location and offered a lot inside the actual hotel. (Just pack comfy shoes when in Vegas because you will walk a lot!)

Overall we had a great time again. Luxor’s pool area was our best friend during the day.  We also met a well connected Vegas promoter who adopted us as her BFFs for the duration of the trip. We were able to get into parties and clubs that we otherwise wouldn’t have known about for FREE! One being a night time pool party given by Cirque de Soleil. Talk about a crazy but fun experience. (See picture below) So always talk to the crazy promoters to help minimize other costs. They know where to go and how to get you in for next to nothing, if not FREE!

My last piece of advice for Vegas…sign up for various hotel’s email blasts. They send out promotions like everyday with prices exclusive to email subscribers. I try to dedicate one email address to stuff like this so my business email doesn’t get flooded. I’ve seen hotel rooms (in the good hotels) for as low as $30 per night. You can’t beat that on any day.

As you can see, Vegas doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. (Again where did that phrase start? Did someone sell their arm and leg for goods??)

If you have any questions about Vegas or need contact info for promoters, let me know.


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