Which is best: A cruise or direct flight??

Happy Monday folks:

I’ve heard many people, especially newer travelers, have a hard time deciding between a cruise or just settling for a direct flight to a destination. Today’s post will give my take on both.



My very first out of country trip was through a cruise. It was through Royal Caribbean and we left from Port Canaveral(Orlando). My friend and I used a travel agent to help us plan. She found us a package with airfare, ground transportation, and 4- night cruise for $540 each. The cruise went to Nassau, Bahamas; Coco Cay, Bahamas; and back to Orlando. We also had one day at sea.


To date I’ve taken 3 cruises to various destinations. Below you’ll find my pros and cons.


– all you can eat food on the ship all day and night

– lots of entertainment and activities on board

– the ability to see multiple destinations for one price

– 24 hour room service

– excellent housekeeping and other services on board

– gratuity typically included in pricing


– limited time at your destination

– no freedom to leave ship anytime

– alcohol not included in pricing

Straight Destination Trips:

My very first straight destination trip out of country trip was to Cancun, Mexico.(after my first cruise though)


I was so excited. We used the same travel agent who planned the cruise I listed above. The total for this trip was $850 each but includes airfare, ground transportation, and an all-inclusive hotel option. We booked it fairly early in advance so we were able to make payments leading up to the trip. (This was still during the time when you  didn’t have to pay for your entire flight upfront so the payment plan was beneficial) We stayed at the Grand Melia resort in the hotel district. (I think the name has changed now because I tried to search the hotel and it doesn’t come up) This resort was amazing and had multiple restaurants on site. The rooms were even more beautiful.


– Multiple days to explore your destination

– ability to enjoy the luxury of a hotel

– All-inclusive includes alcohol


– Limited to one destination (most times)

Overall it just depends on what you want out of your trip. If you’re looking to explore multiple destinations then I definitely say try a cruise. If you book far enough in advance you can find great deals. (as low as $250) This is the one place where I suggest a travel agent. However if you have your heart set on exploring a particular place then go for the straight flight. We’ll talk  more on the best time to plan travel later. Happy Traveling!



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