Tuesday Travel Review: Chicago,IL!!


In this week’s installment of Tuesday Travel Review, I will tell you about my quick weekend getaway to Chicago, IL.

A few of my friends and I decided to meet up for a girls weekend back in June. One of my closest friends had just settled into her new life in Chicago, so we decided this was the perfect place.

I was able to catch a super cheap flight through United Airlines. The roundtrip flight which left from Charlotte on Friday and returned early on Monday was $214.00 total. (Yes that was the roundtrip price.) I have also found lots of cheap flights from Charlotte to Chicago through SouthWest Air as well. Had I decided to leave Chicago that Sunday, the flight would have been about $100.00 more. Being strategic in your dates is very helpful in locking in the best rate.

As I said earlier, one of my friends had just moved to Chicago so we were able to crash at her place for the weekend. So this left more money for us to explore Chicago and all it had to offer.

I arrived midday that Friday. I took the train directly from the airport right to the stop for my friend’s place. I bought a card that allowed me to ride the train multiple times. I believe I loaded it with about $10. I knew we would be walking most of the time or taking Uber. Luckily my friend lived in a great location.

Once I arrived at her place, I changed clothes and we headed out on foot to explore. First stop was Willis Tower. We purchased the VIP ticket in advance to avoid the 2 hour plus wait in line. It was $50 well spent. We literally walked in and were taken up in less than 15 minutes. The views at the top were beautiful and the glass-bottom lookout was amazing. (Unless you are afraid of heights)chi.jpg


After our time at Willis we headed over to Giordano’s Pizza for some infamous deep dish Chicago style pizza. My friend and I split a small pizza and it was more than enough for the two of us. We even had a slice left for each of us to take home.

That evening, our other friend arrived from her flight. We changed clothes again (Yes again! Hey we’re women) and headed out for food and a little entertainment. We ended up at a really cute Latin restaurant. I was still stuffed so I only ordered an appetizer. From there we met up with my friend’s friend at a bar briefly. Our night still ended pretty early though (sometimes we can be grandmas.)

The next morning we woke up super early for free yoga at 8am in Millennium Park. We took an Uber which was only about a 10 minute ride (if that) since we were running late for the class. The park was packed but we had such a great time. We definitely worked up an appetite and headed for some yummy breakfast at a cute coffee shop after taking a few pics in front of the bean! (I can’t remember the name, sorry!)


We headed home to shower and change for out outing to the Chicago Vegan Fest. We purchased advance tickets for $25 which included entry and 2 free drink tickets. The actual food had to be purchased separately, but it wasn’t took expensive. It was a really cool experience. ( I wasn’t vegan then but I am now. Funny how the tables turn lol) From the Vegan Fest, we headed over to the Navy Pier on foot. (Yes it was a long walk, but hey I was there to explore so it was worth it) The pier was packed but it was still nice to see all that it had to offer. I was even able to finally try Garrett’s popcorn.

We didn’t make it back out  again that evening. All that walking and exploring in the heat wore us out. So we decided to hit up a nice party brunch spot that next morning which was Sunday. We went to a place called Fremont. Talk about a DOPE spot. It’s an all you can eat brunch buffet with a live DJ as well. They also offer an unlimited mimosa option too. (I don’t drink but my friends enjoyed it) The food was amazing, especially the fresh made waffles prepared anyway you want them. (SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD) There was a young professional crowd there yet everyone knew how to have a great time as well.

After brunch it was time for my one friend to head back to the airport, so we saw her off. Once she left my remaining friend and I explored “the Chi” a little more before heading to dinner at a neat little sushi spot across from Millennium Park. We headed home so that I could prepare to fly out early that morning.

All in all Chicago is a great city with so much to offer. There are always flight sales running from all cities in the US. I’ve seen roundtrip flights to Chicago for under $100 roundtrip. So if I ever see them again, I will try to post. I definitely believe Chicago is a city for millennials and those looking for some professional turn up (Ha!) I hope to go back soon to enjoy some  sporting events and more restaurants.

Thanks for reading. Happy traveling!

night Chi.jpg



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