Ok so I’ve booked my flight, but where do I stay?

Over the last few weeks we have covered a variety of topics to help prepare for traveling. Another key aspect in planning your trip is deciding where to stay.

Thankfully in this day and time we aren’t limited to just staying at hotels and resorts. Now we also have Air BnB which can be a God send if planned correctly. I personally have used both. The first factor I consider before deciding between the two is: am I simply getting away for a quick trip or is this a special occasion type of vacation. If it is more of a quick trip or I find that hotels are extremely pricey for my destination during my travel dates, I typically go for an Air BnB.

What is Air BnB you ask? Well, Air BnB is where regular people like you and I rent out their homes or rooms in their homes to guest through the Air BnB platform. You can find Air BnB options almost anywhere including outside of the US. Once you go onto the site, you are able to choose the type of accommodation you may need: whether it’s a single room, a few rooms in the house, or an entire house all together. From there the site will narrow down the homes available based on your filter. You are then able to see pictures of the homes in that area as well as where exactly it is located within your destination. I highly recommend studying the actual location of where your home is located, you don’t want to book a home based on price and then find out that is far from the attractions you are looking to see. If it is, you will spend more money in Uber and taxi fees than needed and for some places that can be pretty expensive. Once you make a final decision on a home, you will be able to hold the home at the owners approval for 24 hours. Secret tip: You can message the owners and ask if they are willing to negotiate on the rate. Don’t just go with the rate listed. More people are willing to negotiate than you think. So just ask!!!! You must then book the place within that 24 hour hold or risk losing it to someone else. From my experience, the entire balance is usually due at the time of booking so make sure that you have all money together first before booking. Once you are booked, you will receive a confirmation and any other info from the owner that may have been left out. Now you just head to your destination and check in according to the owners rules. Simple as that.

Now on the flip side, I recommend booking resorts/hotels when you are traveling for a special occasion or when you can find a deal on hotels. (This is where signing up for hotel rewards programs can come in handy.) The good thing about hotels and resorts is that you: 1. have you own room to do as you please, 2. you can get daily housekeeping, 3. Some resorts have all-inclusive options so you have unlimited food options. Just like with an Air BnB hotel location is important too. If you are planning a trip to a new destination, I recommend studying area maps to find the best location for attractions and hotels. You want to cut down on having to pay for transportation as much as you can. This can be done through simple google searches or also by using tripadvisor.com. (It’s literally my travel bible at times)

When making a decision between the two options ask yourself am I staying for the experience or literally just for somewhere to lay my head and shower in peace? If you are looking for the later, then Air BnB is for you. Otherwise, if luxury is more of your thing, then hotels and resorts would be best.

I hope this helps!!! Happy traveling!



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