Tuesday Travel Review: St. Lucia


In today’s Tuesday Travel Review I take on the beautiful island of St. Lucia.

I came across this destination through an unbelievable flight deal on theflightdeal.com. The deal was roundtrip from JFK to St. Lucia for $300. I know what you’re thinking…don’t I live in Charlotte? Yes, I do. The flight actually had a layover in Charlotte before heading to St. Lucia. So once I found that out, the plan was to simply buy a cheap one way ticket from Charlotte to New York. For my return flight I was just going to hop off during the layover in Charlotte instead of flying all the way back to New York and then finding a way back to Charlotte. Yes, this is perfectly legal. However, you cannot skip out on your initial flight or your ticket will be cancelled. This is why I at least had to get the one way from Charlotte to New York to get onto the actual flight. I booked the flight the same day I came across the deal and even had a friend decide she wanted to come too. To our advantage, after buying the one way flight, our flight to new York was cancelled due to bad weather. However, I called the airline from the airport and they booked us to leave directly from Charlotte to St. Lucia and also refunded the money for the one way flight (LOOK AT GOD!!!) So it all worked out in our favor. I even got priority boarding.

About 3 days or so after booking, I decided to search for our accommodations. I would have waited longer but the trip was coming up in literally a month from when we purchased the flight. I searched various sites such as Expedia, Booking.com, Travelocity, and Priceline to compare prices. I didn’t know much about St. Lucia initially either. When looking on the various sites, I noticed that resorts were in one of two places, Soufriere or Castries. I googled a map of St. Lucia and found that Castries was at the northern most tip of the island and Soufriere was on the Western tip. I then saw that the airport was on the southern most tip. After reading some reviews on my favorite site, TripAdvisor.com, I saw that transportation around the island was super expensive but that all of the attractions were on the western cape. This helped me to decide to book an accommodation on the western cape as opposed to Castries (which is where the cruise ships dock) I decided on a cute little bed and breakfast called the Fond Doux Plantation. Most of the resorts on this part of the island cater to honeymooners and usually only come with one bed. This was literally one of the only places available for our stay with a two bedroom option. We had a cozy two bedroom two bath cottage tucked away in the rainforest.

fond-deuxThe resort in general was really beautiful. They offered a free plantation tour which included a guided hike to see the infamous Piton mountains. (Most people pay to enter the park to hike the trails) In addition to this hike, a fresh breakfast buffet was offered every morning. It had a range of local fruits, breads, and drinks which were always really good. The scenery was so peaceful on the resort. Especially around the pool area. Although we didn’t get to spend a lot of time there, I definitely had to take several pictures for my memories.

fond-deaux-poolAnother awesome thing about this resort is that they offered a free shuttle to and from the beach. (Sugar beach) We spent about four hours there soaking in some sun, talking with the locals, and we were even given free guided snorkeling by two of the locals. Sugar beach is located at the base of the Pitons and has the most beautiful turquoise water I’ve ever seen. The weather in St. Lucia can go from hot and humid to sunny and raining at any moment. But its the kind of rain that is refreshing on such a hot day.

stluciaThat night, we decided to have dinner at another resort that is highly recommended on the island, Ledara resort. The food is a bit pricey for what you get but the views are out of this world. We ate dinner as the sun set. In St. Lucia it gets super dark really early. I mean like pitch black dark at around 7:00pm every day. So make sure you plan your activities accordingly.

ledara-resortOn our final day of our short 3-day 2-night stay, we decided to visit a very popular attraction, the St. Lucia hot sulfur mud bath. Now, initially I was like eww a mud bath. But after reading up on the history of the bath I knew I had to go. We had the resort arrange a taxi service to take us there and we simply paid the entrance fee once we got there. (Most people tend to book actual excursions, but it’s cheaper just to pay once you get there). The entrance fee was no more than $10. (I can’t remember the exact price.) Once you get there, you are taken into the bath gate. There are guides there that instruct you on what to do and they even take photos for you on your devices. I’ll admit, the mud was pretty hot but once you got all the way in it got better. Once you cover your body in the mud, you come out and let it dry completely. During this time, the guide will also paint cool designs on you for more photo ops. You then go back into the bath and rinse everything off. When you come out, your skin is said to have been purified and it actually feels really smooth. Definitely a must do if you go to the island.

mud-bathAll in all this was an amazing trip for under $500. Since it is in the British Virgin islands, you will need a passport to go here. There were a tons of flight deals here during the summer due to the Zika scare. As long as you take some Off deep woods repellant, you will be fine. We didn’t experience any sickness although there were mosquitos on the island. (It is literally a rainforest) If you have any questions about this destination, feel free to let me know.


Happy Traveling!!

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