Tuesday Travel Review: Los Cabos, Mexico


Today’s Tuesday Travel Review will take on one of the most beautiful places I have been, Los Cabos. I went to Los Cabos in December 2015 for my annual birthday trip. Every year for my birthday, I try to escape the cold by going somewhere warm and preferably with a beach!

I had my eye on Cabo for some time and lucky for me I came across an awesome travel deal around the time of my birthday. I was perusing faredealalert.com for weeks on end when I came across a round trip flight from Charlotte to Cabo for $200.00. Yes the total flight was $200. When I saw that I literally screamed. I couldn’t let the deal pass so after finding the perfect dates to fit my birthday I hit the purchase button. When I come across deals like this I normally just go ahead and buy and work out all details later since they normally only last 24-48 hours. After buying I then sent the deal to a few of my girlfriends to see who could join. One of my favorite travel buddies ended up buying the deal as well. YAY time to turn up!!! (Two more of my friends ended up coming as well without using the deal)

We waited a while before booking the actual hotel. Since this was more of a special occasion for me, I wanted something nice as well as all-inclusive. With most Caribbean and Mexican destinations you can find all-inclusive options. If you can, I always say opt for this option.

After deliberating over a few resorts, I ended up going with the Riu Sante Fe. I signed up for the Riu rewards program first since they offered a better rate on rooms compared to all other sites. We came away with an oceanfront room for about $400 each for 3 nights. I even called the resort to work it out so that we could pay once we arrived to Cabo.

As soon as we stepped off the plane we were bombarded with locals trying to sell timeshare packages. After declining a few we finally gave in and signed up to listen to a presentation during our stay in exchange for several goodies: roundtrip transportation to and from the airport and a few free excursions as well including a booze cruise. Although the presenter went over his 90 minute time frame, it was worth it for the free stuff. Also, it literally only took away from 2 hours of our whole trip.

We spent the majority of our trip lounging by the pools and on the beach as well as taking advantage of all of the food included with our stay.

cabo3On the last night of our trip, which was also my birthday we went to a beautiful restaurant called El Fallaron. The restaurant was beachside and literally on the side of a mountain. We listened to the waves crash against the rocks as a string duet played. They served fresh seafood along with a few other courses before. My meal came to about $50 total but you got a lot of food. Not to mention they sang happy birthday and brought out a delicious dessert basket.

Overall, this trip was worth the $600. It’s normally hard for me to find trips this cheap during my birthday since travel is normally more expensive in the winter. I was very lucky to have come across this deal. Signing up for the Riu rewards program and listening to the timeshare presentation once there also helped to keep costs down. I give this trip 2 thumbs up for being budget friendly and for the awesome memories it created for my friends and I! Thank you Los Cabos!



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