How to find flights for cheap!!!

Happy Monday folks:

So many of you always ask…”How are you always taking trips? You must be rich!” Actually I’m far from it. I’ve just mastered the art of finding awesome flight deals and today I will walk you through it too.

There are 3 main sites that I browse and/or subscribe to


I highly suggest getting on the email list for the first two ASAP.

The flight deal is probably the one I find the majority of my awesome deals from. The way it works is everyday the site will list flights that they have found through specialized search engines that are at discounted prices. (The same for fare deal alert) You want to check the list as soon as you can within the day because as the day goes on, the flights either sell out or the prices increase based on demand.

The flight deal to me has the better options since they advertise deals that mostly leave from airports that host international airlines. Fare deal alert still has great options but not as often based on the cities it advertises for.

Once you check the list you still need to find the actual deal on your own using a flight matrix software. Once you click on the deal you are interested in, the thread will walk you through the steps in finding the deal at the price listed. There is normally a set of dates in which the deal is valid for so you have to search within those dates only. The thread will also give you a special search code for the matrix. You have to type the code exactly as listed or you will get an error. Once you have that as well as the airport codes for your departing and arriving city, you are all set to go. The instructions typically suggest searching a whole month out at a time. So you will enter one “start date” and the software will search all flights within a month from that date. It will then populate a calendar with prices for the entire month. The ones listed in orange are the cheapest ones found. I play around with the dates as well as the number of nights I plan to stay to truly find the best deal. Once you find the dates for the deal, you have to go to either Travelocity or expedia to actually purchase. You cannot purchase directly through the matrix software.

Now that I’ve given the basics (because the sites walk you through it too) here are my tips:

  • You must be flexible: If you have set dates in mind, these sites won’t work to your advantage. The deals are within set travel dates.
  • You must act FAST: As I said previously, the deals sell out and the prices increase. If it is a super crazy deal, then you can expect it to be gone within hours. I try to remind people you have at most a 48 hour window to purchase the deals before they are gone.
  • Get the flight first plan later: If you can swing the dates for the deal, then get it! You can plan your accommodations and activities later. The flight is normally the most expensive part anyway.
  • If you are serious about travelling more, then check the sites daily. Make it apart of your morning internet binge. The sooner you see a deal the better chance you have of getting it at the lowest listed price.

I haven’t talked much about because it works a little different. This site works more as a forecasting option to show prices of flights everyday. I suggest this when you have a set destination and set travel dates in mind. The cheaper flights will generally have long layovers but that’s all a personal choice. Sometimes you can make it a 2 for 1 trip by exploring in your layover city or country. Keep in mind that Southwest airlines does not list it’s fares on any outside site other than it’s own. So you will have to compare their fares directly on their site.

With any type of planning, do you research. However, with my first two sites remember time is of the essence. If you know it’s a place you have been wanting to see, then go for it!!!


I know this is a lot of info but I have at least given you the important basics. If you have any questions, just ask and I will do my best to help!! Happy Traveling.

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