Tuesday Travel Review: Cape Town, South Africa Part 2


Hey folks!

Today I’m bringing you Part 2 for my Cape Town Travel Review. In today’s post I will talk about tours, food, and other things that I did while there.

First off, be ready for the LONG flight. It was 20 hours total but luckily with international flights they feed you every few hours and provide free inflight movies/TV. Not to mention it’s the perfect time to catch up on missed sleep.

On our first full day there, we were up bright and early for a Winery tour through a company called Wine Flies. Before we were picked up for the tour we decided to grab breakfast close to our apartment. We stumbled upon a place called Latitude 33 located on Bree St. (after this post I found that the restaurant closed due to management issues) It was the only place open at 7am serving full breakfast. I ordered the oatmeal (which was HUGE)and  had sliced almonds and choice of sliced bananas or apples, wheat toast, and a orange mango juice. I think my total for all of this equated to about $4!!! (When I say food is cheap here, I mean it!!! And it’s all so fresh)

We made it back just in time to be picked up for our tour with Wine Flies. Wine flies takes you to 5 wineries in the Stellenbosch area of Cape Town. Each winery allowed you to sample various red wines, white wines, and Champagne (or MCC as they call it in South Africa). There were two wineries that also did food pairings: one with cheese and one with chocolates. Each winery also gave you the option to purchase the wines that were sampled. You will want to make sure you have extra room in your luggage because the wines are amazing and SUPER cheap. (Literally $4 for a bottle of great award winning wine) The price of the tour was $54 per person and we booked the tour prior to going. They included transportation as well and it lasted mostly all day, a lunch was provided too.

wine-2     wine





Later that night, we decided to test out the Cape Town Club scene. We uber’d our way (you can take an Uber anywhere within Cape Town for 20 Rand which is less than $2) to a club called Coco located on the infamous Long Street in Cape Town. There was a cover charge to get in, but I can’t remember exactly what it was. The music in the club was a mix of American hip hop and African hip hop. It was a two-story club and was pretty lit!! We stayed until closing at 3am then hit up the late night food spot down the road called Steerz. It’s the South African version of Burger King and again…SUPER CHEAP.

After partying hard, we slept in on Friday. Once we were up for the day, we agreed to check out the beautiful Victoria and Alfred Waterfront (or V&A waterfront as it’s called) The V&A waterfront consists of a huge mall as well as outdoor shops, restaurants, the Robben Island port and museum, as well as some awesome photo opp spots. We started our day there with lunch at a popular sushi restaurant in the mall. The offer free wine while you wait on a table. (WIN!) The sushi was really fresh and very filling. From there we browsed the mall and then headed outside where all of the action was. As we walked around the actual waterfront we saw a steel drum band performing, an African singing troupe, and just overall beautiful scenery. In this area is where you will find the famous Table Mountain picture frame that most tourists take pictures in. As we continued to walk, we actually discovered a second one too. If you are there, this is definitely a MUST SEE!!


Next up was Saturday! This was by far my favorite day of the week. We were scheduled to do the Robben Island tour as well as see Table Mountain. We purchased tickets in advance for the Robben Island Ferry as well as the Table Mountain Cable car for a total of $43. We hired a private tour guide for the day as well to transport us which was about $20 per person for 4 people.

Before heading off to the tour, one of the other girls and I walked about a block from our apartment to a cute little coffee shop. (They are everywhere in Cape Town) I ordered a fresh pressed green juice which was made to order, a latte (some of the best coffee I’ve had has been in Cape Town), and an apple muffin. Again, all of this was at most $5-$6. (If you buy fresh pressed juice in the states, you know that alone can be $5-$6)

First up on the day was Robben Island. This is the prison where Nelson Mandela was held for several years during the Apartheid era. The tour included a guided walkthrough from a former political prisoner who gave a chilling first hand account of what life was like in the prison. It was a very emotional tour but worth it.

From there our tour guide took us over to Table Mountain park to catch the cable car up to the top of the mountain. Once we got to the top, the view was breathtaking. Literally a 360 view of Cape Town. We spent about 45 minutes on top before heading back down in the cable car. You can also self hike to the top and then take the cable car down. The hike is about 2 hours to the top. If I get a chance to go back, I will definitely be doing this!

Our tour guide then took us on a bonus tour of historic Cape Town. He was very knowledgeable and showed us places that weren’t initially planned for our day. His name was Mac (Cape Tours with Mac) and I highly recommend him for a day of touring Cape Town. You can tell that he truly enjoys what he does. He was found via Trip Advisor. He charged 1000 SA Rand for the day which was about 250 between the 4 of us. (Equates about $75 dollars total then divide by 4)

robbentable         robben2prisoncell


So this was the first half of my trip. As you can see it was pretty eventful. To prevent this post from being TOO LONG…I’m gonna make an executive decision and do a Part 3 next week. So that means you have to come back to see what else I did while on my trip!!! It gets better, I promise.


Happy Traveling. ✈️




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