Tuesday Travel Review: Cape Town, continued

img_0083Hey folks!

I’m back for hopefully the last review of South Africa!

When we left off, I had finished the tour of Robben Island and table mountain. That night, a few of the girls and I stumbled upon a really cute restaurant called Kloof Street House. It was a really cute Victorian house turned restaurant situated in this garden. The food was delicious.  I had the fish of the day which was King Clip (a popular South African fish) paired with cauliflower purée and spinach. I also had an appetizer salad and a house virgin drink. The total for all of this equated to about $21 total. Crazy right!!


Next up was Sunday. This was technically another free day. That morning we had breakfast at what quickly became our fav, Clark’s. ( I ate there two more times while there) They had everything from fresh fruit bowls, fresh pressed juices, to avocado toast! My kinda spot. I had a fresh pressed orange, carrot, and ginger juice with their egg sandwich (eggs, avocado, mushrooms, greens, and cheese).

We then went on a hunt for a rental car to get to Boulders beach which was an hour outside of Cape Town. We had no luck on locking down an automatic car that quick so Uber it was! The ride out was gorgeous. We rode along the coast which was also alongside mountains! Our goal was to see the South African penguins! Let’s just say mission accomplished! Although you couldn’t physically be on the beach with the penguins, it was still quite a site to see. You are only a few feet away from the penguins who are in their natural habitat. There is a small entrance fee to see them but it’s so worth it.


We spent about an hour with the cute little guys before heading back to the city. That evening was pretty chill. We had dinner at a pizza spot near the Kloof Street house. The great thing about Cape Town restaurants is that you can bring your own bottle of wine with you. You only pay a small corking fee, and some places don’t even charge.

Monday was our planned beach day. We headed out to Camp’s Bay which is a mix between Laguna Beach and Miami. It was blazing that day so it was a great day to be at the beach. The water was still pretty cold since summer had just started. However, the locals didn’t mind. Just like with any beach, there are people on the beach constantly selling things so don’t be surprised if you go. You can also rent chairs and umbrellas while there too. It’s worth it and needed. There are plenty of restaurants and bars along the beach as well.


I only spent a few hours at the beach because we had reservations at a really cool restaurant that evening. I had a few friends that had gone before and recommended this place: Gold Restaurant. It was more than a restaurant, it was an experience. You have to make reservations in advance since this place is always packed. This was the only night of our trip that they had openings. I ended up having to go alone but that’s another story for another day. I’m just glad I did.

Before the actual dinner I participated in an interactive drumming circle in which we were taught various drumming cadences on African hand drums for about 30 minutes. I was then seated and it was time for the show. The meal came with 18 dishes from various countries within Africa. The waitress would explain each dish and how it should be eaten. In between courses we were entertained by traditional singers and dancers. They held nothing back and even pulled people up out of their seat to join in. (Yes, I was pulled up. Lol) I thoroughly enjoyed this and it was probably one of the best cultural experiences of my trip. It was also pretty reasonable, coming to about $40. (Sorry I don’t have pictures, this is the night my phone decided to stop working completely.)

We were up bright and early Tuesday morning for our safari at Anquila private game reserve. It was about an hour and some change ride to get there. Once there we had a hot breakfast before loading up in the jeep to see South Africa’s big 5. While on the 2 hour adventure we saw zebras, lions, elephants, giraffes, buffalo, hippos, springboks, and even ostrich. It was quite an experience to see these animals so close in their natural habitat.

img_0061img_0092     img_0008img_0137After the actual safari, we headed back to the reserve building for a sit down lunch before making our way back to the city. As an added bonus, our driver took us to see the actual prison that Nelson Mandela was released from in 1992, Drakenstein. There was a powerful statue at the entrance which commemorated Mandela’s release and his first appearance to the public.

15403792_10100691739830254_7247945384860553929_o 15403652_10100691739820274_8864984014528583653_o

That evening was our last night there so we headed out to dinner at a rooftop restaurant called The Vue.  It was a modern spot with 360 degree views overlooking Cape Town. Again, the food and drinks were super cheap. We ordered loads of Tapas and still only paid about $20 each.


I must say, this was quite a trip to remember. While the 20 hour flight isn’t one for the faint at heart, it’s worth it in the end. I definitely plan to head back to Africa to explore a new country hopefully soon. I hope these posts have been helpful over these last few weeks. If you have questions or need recommendations just let me know! As always…happy Traveling. ✈️


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