Tuesday Travel Review: Curaçao (a bit delayed)


This weeks review is being brought to us by a former classmate and fellow travel enthusiast, Potso. Below he recounts his time in beautiful Curaçao.


In the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to travel to Willemstad Curacao, a Dutch Caribbean Island located about 40 miles north of the Venezuelan cost. As a background, when I travel to the Caribbean, I usually go for about five days and four nights—with an itinerary generally as follows: Arrive after work on Wednesday night, check in to our hotel, walk on the beach at night, have a few cocktails, and retire to the hotel.

Thursday is spent sightseeing all day. After a nutritious breakfast, our first stop was to Kura Hulana Slave Museum, where we were able to dive into the history of the island. We learned about the colonization, the slave revolts, and development of the Curacao, including their economy and government. Don’t forget to see the statue of Tula, one of Curacao’s revered heroes. Afterwards, we took a tour of the Curacao Liqueur Distillery—where we checked one of Curacao’s top exports (Maybe had too much fun here). After two tourist activities, I think a beach, dinner and drinks are in order. The beaches in Curacao are top notch. We stayed at the Hilton in Curacao which boasts its own private beach—perfect for watching the sunset with a cold cocktail in hand.


On Friday, the first step is always to wake up before sunrise. You cannot go to Curacao without watching the sunrise and the sunset. Take advantage. Friday is always the activity day. We got on the tour bus, toured the island with a private driver who was able to teach us some of the local gems, we went to the market to buy (and barter) gifts for our loved ones back home. In addition, this is the perfect time to try some authentic cuisine—I always ask the locals, where must I eat before leaving the island.

The architecture in Curacao has Spanish roots with an African twist. Make sure you have your camera ready. But Friday isn’t over. After you’re stuffed with goat meat, please venture over to Shete Boka Park Westpunt Curacao, to experience the beauty of Curacao. Lastly, check out the ostrich farm—where you’ll be able to feed the ostriches and ride them, only if you’re brave!

Friday night, is perfect to venture out to the strip. We enjoyed walking around, where we stumbled on Club 27 for a night of live music and drinks. The weather will definitely cooperate with you. Walk around, take pictures and find yourself a nice bar in the area—where you and your travel companion(s) can enjoy the Curacao breeze, the Latin music and the tasty rum.


Saturday—is of course the best for last. We’ve navigated the island, we’ve bought the gifts and we’ve taken the pictures. Beach bae day. Spend the day on the beach with your friends, don’t forget the music, and the beer…then spend your night outside at a beach club.

Congratulations. You have conquered Curacao



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