Tuesday Travel Review: Barcelona, Spain πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ

img_0495Happy Tuesday folks! Today’s travel review takes us to Barcelona, Spain. I visited the city back in Spring 2013. We flew straight to Barcelona from the States to take a European cruise on Royal Caribbean. After the cruise, my cousin and I stayed in Barcelona to explore.

Barcelona is a very busy city with lots to see. The main area is La Rambla which is a long street filled with shops, bars, and restaurants. We actually used the public subway system to get around. It was very efficient and easy to follow. From what I remember it was very inexpensive as well.




We stopped at a cute restaurant with outdoor seating to have tapas and sangria. We walked and explored around La Rambla for a few hours. Toward the end of the road there’s a beautiful Marina with lots of historical statues surrounding it.

img_0498 img_0500

We stumbled across a really cute mall at the marina as well. It was filled with mostly European stores, so if you’re looking for clothing not found in the states that’s definitely the place to go.

Later that evening we headed to the infamous “magic fountain.” It’s a large fountain that does water shows in the evening complete with music and colorful lights. If you’ve ever seen the water show at the Bellagio in Vegas this is 1000 times better.

Overall, Barcelona was beautiful. We didn’t spend much time there but we saw a lot in the time we had. Our hotel was top notch as well. We had a suite which also gave us access to an executive lounge with open bar and snacks all day.

We booked this trip through a travel agent and we spent about $1100 each for the cruise, flight, taxes, fees, and stay in Barcelona. It was all worth it.

Happy Traveling ✈️



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