Saving on Baggage Fees


Hey folks:

For my female readers out there, one of the most frustrating parts of flying is packing all the things we need without packing our life. Of course, the more we pack the more we risk having to check bags and pay those pesky baggage fees. Ugh!

Well over the years I’ve learned a few tricks to avoid baggage fees all together. (I’m frugal…sue me!)

Now of course if you walk into the airport with the largest suitcase you can find, you’ll have no choice but to check it. What I’ve started doing is taking a larger duffle and a larger tote. That typically holds everything I need for a 3-5 day trip. Now airport staff will try to say that you need to check the duffle, but I let them know it’s my carry on and that the tote is my personal item. Everyone is typically allowed one carry on and one personal item.

Since most airlines tend to overbook flights, once you get to your gate they will check your bag for free. (Amen!) I normally check my duffle at the gate and keep my tote with me. This way once I get to my destination I don’t have to worry about walking around the airport with my duffle. This is especially clutch when you may have a layover. So make sure anything you need is packed in the tote/personal item that you carry.

This trick isn’t necessary for international flights. Airlines allow two bags/suitcases to check for free when traveling internationally. Also, Southwest Airlines allows 2 free bags on all flights.

So get you a good tote/smaller sized roller suitcase and practice your packing skills. This could save you $50-$100 that can be used while on your actual trip.

As always, thanks for reading and happy traveling! ✈️

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