Deals! Deals! Deals!

Hey folks!

So it’s that time of year where flights are going on sale like crazy. Below you will find deals to FIVE tropical destinations complete with sample dates and price. As always these prices are typically only good for 24-48 hours before they increase. So take advantage asap if you can. These prices are for roundtrip flights. If you don’t live in the departure city you can always find cheap flights to these places since they are larger cities. Try or to find flights from your city to the departure city. Or…if you don’t mind road trips, hop in the car and drive.

Destination 1: Miami (MIA) to Trinidad 🇹🇹 (POS) nonstop on American Airlines for $239-$270

Dates: 3/15-3/20 ($270), 3/25-3/29 ($239), 4/4-4/10 ($239), 5/9-5/15 ($261)

Destination 2: NYC (JFK) to St. Lucia 🇱🇨 (UVF) nonstop on Jet Blue

Dates: 3/27-3/30 ($297), 3/30-4/4 ($297), 4/2-4/5 ($297)

Destination 3: NYC (JFK) to Panama City, Panama 🇵🇦 (PTY) on Copa Airlines

Dates: 3/23-3/30 ($352), 5/17-5/24 ($352)

Washington, DC (IAD) to Panama City, Panama (PTY) on Copa

Dates: 4/11-4/18 ($352), 4/19-4/26 ($352), 5/10-5/17 ($352)

Destination 4: NYC (JFK) to Honduras 🇭🇳 (RTB) on Avianca Air

Dates: 4/20-4/25 ($283), 4/22-4/25 ($283), 5/2-5/7 ($283)

Destination 5: NYC (JFK) to Belize City, Belize 🇧🇿 (BZE) on Avianca Air

Dates: 4/23-4/26 ($261), 4/30-5/3 ($261), 5/14-5/17 ($261), 5/26-5/29 ($276), 6/4-6/7 ($276)

These are not all dates for these destinations so you can play around with dates within the March through May range for most of them. You can use either or to search and buy!

Happy Traveling ✈️


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