Tuesday Travel Review: Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦


In today’s Travel Review, I’ll tell you about the time I was running through the 6 with my woes! Lol.

I went to Toronto for Caribana, which is a festival similar to Carnival, in 2014. I joined my cousins for the event. I flew from charlotte directly to Toronto. The one thing I remember is that the transportation to my hotel from the airport was pricey. This was before Uber was super big as well so I’m sure it’s less expensive now.

The hotel we stayed in was pretty  centrally located. I actually booked all activities and accommodations through the promoter that put together the trip out of Maryland. So I can’t remember exact pricing on the hotel.


The first full day that we were there was the actual parade. The charter bus through the promoter took us to the area for the parade. We had to purchase tickets to get into the main parade area. I think this is Toronto’s way of managing the crowd. Once we got inside, there were vendors and food stands everywhere. Also people from the different carnival troupes were walking around too.


The parade area was super crowded. We decided to actually hop into the parade route to dance in the street. While it was fun in that moment, getting out was a headache. It took us hours to get back toward the main entrance area due to the police blocking certain areas on the parade route.

Once we made our way back, we found the rest of our group and headed back to our hotel. We walked to dinner close by. There were so many food options along the strip where our hotel was located. Toronto is full of all cultures, so you can find anything to suit any pallet.


I didn’t really partake in the night life during my trip (I’m a grandma) but from what my cousins told me it was pretty lively. Of course during that weekend parties are way more expensive and crowded than a normal weekend in the six.

The next day, the plan was to go to the top of the CN tower but the line was so long once we got there. So we decided to sight see for a while before heading to a day party. Toronto has lots of artsy areas which are great for photo ops.


The day party we went to was crazy. It was in this large factory. There were literally like 5 parties in this one place. DJ Khaled was the special celebrity guest. I met some new friends and overall had a great time.

Overall Toronto is a lively and welcoming  city that can appeal to anyone. The food options are endless and the nightlife is popping. If you want to just experience Toronto in its authentic state, then I don’t suggest going during Caribana. I definitely would like to go back on just a regular trip to get a real feel of this city.


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