Today’s Deals: 3/2/17


New York to Tokyo to Bangkok back to New York starting at $709. (Other departure cities available too but NY is  cheapest)

Leaving from JFK airport in NY. Sample date ranges(not the only dates but dates are within September – October)

1. September 4-18 ($709)

2. October 3-17 ($721)

3. October 23-Nov 6 ($709)

Link to buy:



Atlanta to Barcelona, Spain 8/19-8/28 on American Airlines for $383.  Search in Priceline or to purchase. Not the AA website.


Atlanta to San Francisco starting at $223 on United Airlines. Dates from March to May leaving on any Tuesday -Saturday and returning any day except Thursday. A wide range of dates available for this one. Use to play with dates within the range.


DC to Miami on American Airlines for $132.

Departure dates:

May-Early June leaving on a Tuesday or Thursday and returning on a Tuesday or Thursday.

Late june – July leaving on a Monday or Tuesday and returning on a Wednesday.

Sample date 5/2/17-5/9/17.

Use to search and buy.

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