What’s the deal with these “deals”??

Hey folks:

So I’m doing this post to truly break down how the flight deals I post work. I get requests for deals but it doesn’t necessarily work like that.

First: where do the deals come from? The deals come from the actual airlines. The airlines will discount or drop prices for random fares. However they only discount a certain number of seats per flight. Which brings us to point 2.

Can I buy the deal anytime? NO NO NO! Since these are only discounted fares, once the reserved number of seats at the price are purchased the prices increase. Depending on how popular the destination is, the price can last a few hours or a few days. That’s why I put up a disclaimer that the deals don’t last long.

Third: How do I find the deals? There are lots (and I mean lots) of sites that have software that run against airline sites to pull out these discounted rates. So I search about 5 different sites almost every hour to see what’s being posted. From there you usually have to use another software called the ITA matrix to actually pull the dates for which that low price is valid.

Fourth: I need flights for specific dates, can I do that? Not really. If you want specific dates, then a travel agent will be able to plan that for you. Flight deals will advertise a certain range of dates but when you actually look for the sale price, they are narrowed down to specific dates. So you have to be VERY flexible.

Fifth: How can I prepare for the sales? The only thing I suggest is starting a budget specifically for travel. Once these deals pop up you literally need to be ready to purchase within 24 hours. Since these are flights you will have to pay the full amount up front. Again, if you’re looking for more of a payment plan then a travel agent can help with that.

Sixth: Can I fly from the city I live in? Yes and No. Most of the better deals are from major cities like New York City, DC, Boston, Miami, Atlanta, and LA. The reason being is because these cities have more international airlines that fly directly from them to their home country. So you will need to find a way to one of those places too if your flight leaves from there. It still ends up being cheaper to do this than purchasing a flight from your specific city. Of course for domestic flights (within the US) this doesn’t really apply. Cheap flights are always available within the US depending on the airline you’re willing to take. (See my former post on budget airlines)

So that’s the basic rundown of flight deals. I’ll do my best to post deals to destinations that people are looking to see but keep in mind all that I’ve written today. These deals are great and can save you some serious dough! So start prepping that travel budget slowly and let’s see the world. ✈️

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