Tuesday Travel Review: Jamaica 🇯🇲


Hi there! First off welcome to all of the new subscribers. In today’s Travel review I will tell you about my time in beautiful Jamaica.

I decided on Jamaica for my 30th birthday in 2014 (I’m still 30 though) I ended up using a travel agent for this trip since it was my birthday and I wanted specific things like all inclusive. It was also just easier to break my payments up since the flight was a bit expensive compared to other destinations I’ve visited.

For this trip we stayed at the Hilton Rose Hall Resort in Montego Bay. Montego Bay is a great location because it’s in the middle of the island which gives better access to other towns such as Negril and Ocho Rios.


The resort itself was beautiful. My only complaint was actual beach access. While the view from my balcony was gorgeous (see above pictures) there was no real access to lay on the beach other than a pier like walkout. As far as food it was delicious. They had daily buffets in the main dining hall and then a few restaurants on the property as well as one off.

For our beach day, we took a cab down to Doctor’s Cave. There is a small entrance fee to go onto the beach but it’s so worth it. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Montego Bay. There were chairs and also small cafes that sold food and frozen drinks.


We spent about 3-4 hours out there until we got too hot. On the way back to the resort we asked our same cab driver to stop at a local grill for some authentic Jamaican food. Yes we had food at the resort but we wanted authentic Caribbean food. They had everything from jerk chicken, beef patties and coco bread to rice and peas. It did not disappoint and it was very cheap.


As far as excursions, we booked them through the companies that came to our resort each morning. We chose the Dunns River Fall excursion and then a day trip to Negril to see Rick’s Cafe.

The Dunns River Fall tour stared with a catamaran ride. We were let off right at the entrance of the falls and a tour guide met our group to guide us through our climb. People of all ages and fitness levels were able to complete the climb. Just a heads up, take water shoes with you or you’ll be forced to buy them in Jamaica. They are required for the climb. There are also spots along the way to get off if you can’t complete the climb to the top.


After the climb we hopped back onto the catamaran which then turned into a party boat complete with unlimited run punch.

Our excursion to Rick’s Cafe included a beach day plus time at Rick’s. The beach was a smaller one close to Negril. We spent about 2 hours there before heading to Rick’s. Rick’s is famous for the cliff divers and for having the best sunset view on the island. The tour took us later in the day so that we could experience both. It was pretty great. The food at Rick’s was pretty basic and overpriced though. Definitely catering to tourist tastes. The atmosphere is great though.

Overall I loved Jamaica. Jamaican people are some of the happiest and laid back folks you will meet. If you’ve never been I definitely say add it to your list asap!

Happy Traveling folks ✈


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