Travel Review: Los Angeles


Hey folks!

I know it’s been a while but I’ve been all over the place between work, getting ready for this Asia move, and just trying to stay sane. But I’m back to give you my review of my time in sunny LA.


I purchased the flight through Southwest. It wasn’t necessarily on sale but it was the cheapest fare at that time. Overall I had a horrible experience with southwest which resulted in free drinks on the plane, a small meal voucher, and a partial flight voucher. After I use the voucher, I will likely never fly with them again.


Hotels in LA can be pretty pricey so we decided to go The airbnb route. The apartment I picked was perfect! We picked an apartment literally located in Hollywood and a two block walk from Runyon Canyon. It was also a less than 10 minute walk from the walk of fame. The host even provided bagels and cream cheese in the fridge. If I go back, I will likely stay in that same location.

Transportation: Uber everywhere

Sights and Sounds:

We arrived in LA later than expected due to our issue with Southwest but we were able to catch dinner at Crustaceans in Beverly Hills. I had a secret menu item that was a tofu and eggplant dish in a sweet chili sauce. My friend and I shared a plate of their famous garlic noodles. The meal was absolutely delicious. The restaurant itself is beautiful. There’s a large floor aquarium so you walk over it as you head to your table. The food in general can be pricey depending on what you order.


After dinner, we spotted a cupcake ATM across the street. Yes! It’s exactly like it sounds. I’ve seen them on TV but never in person so I had to try it. The cupcakes are made by Sprinkles. You choose a flavor and swipe your card, then your cupcake is dispensed all packaged to go. It was pretty neat.


Day 2:

We decided to tackle Runyon that next morning. The weather was perfect for it too. We ended up going up the right side first and ended up conquering the left side too! (if you go to Runyon you know which is which)  There were lots of people out, but not too many that you couldn’t enjoy the hike. Let’s not forget about the amazing views.


After conquering Runyon, we headed back to our apartment to prepare for a day at the beach.

First we did some quick shopping on Santa Monica Blvd. and grabbed some smoothies. We had plans to meet a college classmate of mine out at Venice Beach. It was a super day nice (and apparently the first warm weekend in a while) so naturally there was a crowd. We were still able to find a nice spot to layout for a while.

Once we grew tired of laying out, we walked down the boardwalk to a cute rooftop bar called Barlo Kitchen and Drinks. It was obvious by the line that this was a pretty trendy spot. The food and drinks were pretty pricey($15 per drink) but it was actually really good! We hung out there until the sun went down, at which point it got really chilly really fast so we headed home for the rest fo the night.



Day 3:

In keeping with our morning outdoor workouts, we decided to take on the Culver City stairs at the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook. We looked at pictures before actually going, but they didn’t compare to seeing them in person. Being the overachiever that I am, I challenged us to do the stairs two times. It wasn’t easy but we survived. (Barely!)



Luckily, there was a fruit stand located right across the street to hold us over until we made it to our brunch spot. The fruit was super fresh and I was able to discover a new fav, Tajin. (A fruit seasoning made from chili powder and limes. YUM!)

We decided for brunch that we wanted to try The Griddle Cafe. We had passed it a few times and each time there was always a line of people waiting, so we had to see what the hype was about. After about a 20 minute wait we were seated.

OMG!!! The pancakes there are massive and come in these crazy flavors. We opted instead for the french toast which was delicious even without syrup. If you are ever in L.A. this is a must!


We headed back to the apartment on foot to burn off some of our breakfast. After a short nap and wardrobe change, we headed down the street to see the Walk of Fame. For me, it was only BLAH! At least I can say that I saw it, but I don’t get the hype.


I had made plans to visit my famous cousin and his wife at their home for dinner that Sunday evening. After yet another wardrobe change, we headed off for dinner at “The Smith’s” residence. We ended up staying there for the remainder of the evening.


Day 4:

This was our sleep in morning. It was so needed after getting up early the past two mornings for our hikes. Once we finally got up and dressed, a good friend of mine text me inviting us to Disneyland. UMMMMM HECK YEA! And…IT WAS FREE!! (double win)

This was a no brainer so it was off to the happiest place on Earth for the day. But first…we had to try In and Out burger!

Disneyland was everything and more for me. Yes, I rode the rides and even got a fresh pair of mouse ears to wear. (I had a pair from Disney World too) We spent the entire day going between the multiple parks.

After a full day of fun, we decided to end it with a feast at The Boiling Crab. One word…EPIC!!!!!



All in all, L.A. has risen to being my fav domestic destination. Although things can be more expensive, there is something to do for everyone no matter their interest. If you haven’t, I highly suggest visiting at least once in life.

As always, thanks for reading and Happy Traveling. ✈️

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