Tuesday Travel Review: Asheville, NC


Hi folks:

In today’s review, I will talk about a hidden gem. Asheville, NC is a cute little town complete with eclectic food spots and outdoor experiences.

Its only a 2 hour drive from where I live, so it’s perfect for a quick weekend getaway anytime of year.

I’ve been twice in the last few years and I experienced new things each time I went.

Where to stay:

The first time I went, I booked a room in the Esmeralda Inn located in Chimney Rock which is about 20-25 minutes outside of downtown Asheville. Now this place books fast so get on it if you plan to go. Every night they bake fresh cookies and each morning they serve a freshly prepared hot breakfast by the in house chef. Both were delicious.

This last time that I went, I booked an air bnb in south Asheville. It was only a 10-15 minute drive into downtown.


It was a private apartment in the basement of a large house complete with kitchenette and your own bathroom.

Things to do:

On my first trip to Asheville, my focus was on becoming one with nature. I went in February but still wanted to hike a little. I went to Chimney Rock state park which was a 5 minute drive from the Esmeralda Inn. You have to drive up into the park and pay the entrance fee which was around $7-$10. There are several trails to explore and one that even leads to a waterfall.



Now if  nature isn’t really your thing, don’t worry there’s plenty more to do.

Asheville is also known for some of its unique restaurants and eating experiences. Within the downtown area, you will only find restaurants born in that area. I can’t name every spot, but some of the ones I’ve tried are: Nine Mile (a  carribean fusion restaurant), White Duck Taco (really interesting taco combinations that you wouldn’t get anywhere else), and Biscuit Head (the #1 breakfast place in town). These are literally only a few of the many places in the area. It’s definitely a foodie town.



After you fill your tummy, there’s still more to do. As I said before Asheville is a very eclectic town. This last time around I decided to try the LaZoom bus tour. It’s a big purple school bus that’s now converted. They offer three types of tours: a general comedy tour, a haunted comedy tour, and a beer and music tour. I tried out the haunted comedy tour.

The tour takes you through Asheville at night while the host tells funny haunted tales about the city. You can bring your own alcohol on the bus as well. I found it pretty entertaining and it was only $23. I booked my ticket directly on the LaZoom website.



Another cool area to explore is the River Arts District. If you’re into art galleries this is the area for you! It’s a mile long strip filled with galleries, coffee shops, and breweries. In this area you will also find the NC glass blowing center where you can also do a 30-minute glass blowing or glass torch class.




As you can see Asheville has so much to offer. I highly recommend it for a quick weekend getaway if you are close.


So this is my first real giveaway. If you read my Los Angeles review you will remember that I received a flight credit from Southwest Airlines. Well, I won’t be able to use the credit in the time limits (must book by April 2018) so I’ve decided to transfer it to one of you.  It’s a $150 credit and depending on where you live and where you go, it can cover a full flight. Here are the rules, you must leave a comment on this post telling where you would like to getaway to and why? Contest will be open until Friday June 30 at 12 noon. I will pick one person and email you with instructions on how to use the voucher. So comment away and good luck!

Happy Traveling ✈️


16 thoughts on “Tuesday Travel Review: Asheville, NC

  1. I would like to getaway to New Orleans for my 2nd wedding anniversary in September. My husband and I have visited when we were single but never as a couple. We want to explore the french quarter, take some tours, do a cooking class and maybe take a jazz cruise.

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  2. I love this blog!! I’m a NC native and have never been to Asheville so I’m putting it on the list right now. If I got the voucher I would use it to book my first solo trip. I would like to travel to Savannah, GA. I’ve heard great things about it but never been. I want to hang out at the beach and explore some popular eateries.

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  3. This sounds silly, but I haven’t really ever gone any where. I never realized it until I was an adult and took my first flight. I’ve only been to Bahamas (twice) and the only time I’ve ever traveled outside of this time zone was in Panama City Beach. Yes, Florida. The gulf coast.
    I would love to see all of the US, of course, but to get away and have a real vacation, Your trip to Cuba really moved me. While I know that it will be impossible to visit in the near future, the thought of going and taking in the scenery and culture seems like such a beautiful experience. Obviously, if I can’t go to Cuba, I’d love to go to Puerto Rico. Just a hop, skip, and jump away and plenty of culture (and rum) to go around. It’s really important to me to reunite with strangers of color with African roots.
    So envious of your travels and happy for you at the same time! ❤

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  4. Great trip review of Asheville, awesome new spots and things I will have to try next time I go!!! I want and need to go on a kid free vacation to Sharon Pennsylvania, I was given an opportunity when I was 17 to go to the school of dance but couldn’t at the time because of school and my parents said no. My dance teacher saw so much in me, I was even given a full scholarship. So for me to go and still experience what my passion is for dance at the best dance school would be a dream come true !!!!

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  5. Hey Deanna,
    I always find your blogs helpful, but this one has perfect timing! My husband and I just moved to Kinston, NC and I have been looking for inexpensive ways to explore our new home state. I would love to surprise my husband with an airline ticket to visit his family in Charlotte or get away to Florida to visit with friends he hasn’t seen in over 7 years (especially since he has a milestone birthday coming up in the next 3 weeks). Thanks for the opportunity and travel information.

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  6. I would like to go to Houston, TX or anywhere along the gulf in Florida or Georgia. I have not been on vacation in years. I did visit my childhood friend in Texas around 2010. I enjoyed visiting the theater district in Houston and trying different food. I would like to explore Houston some more. Having my friend there, I can crash at her house, and that will stretch my travel budget.

    I would like to go to the gulf though because I love the water, and I do not think I’ve ever been on the gulf side. I’ve been on the Ocean side of Florida before. I hear the gulf is beautiful and relaxing. The flight credit would help with the expense of travel.

    I will enjoy either destination, and it will help me to provide a travel experience for my two children. I want them to be cultured, well rounded citizens. They are 3 and 5 yeas old.

    Thank you for considering my entry. We might be in Asheville this weekend if you call us.

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  7. I would like to get away to Asheville. My husband and I went 3yrs ago for our anniversary. We enjoyed the atmosphere and diversity. But, working and getting prepared for my first grandchild has been keeping me busy. So, I would love to have a getaway to Asheville

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  8. Where would I like to getaway to? Jacksonville, FL! I’ve visited several time and most recently stayed near the water front and tried different restaurants. Mostly…the beach!! I love love love water! Makes me feel so calm and peaceful!

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  9. I’d like to go to San Francisco! I’ve never been and I think it’ll be great to explore the west coast. I know it would be enough for a round trip but it’ll definitely help!

    Also as a side note I love your blogs. You’ve inspired to to travel for the low and still have a great time.

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  10. You gave an excellent review of Asheville. I had heard great things about the city before, but you’ve convinced me that it’s a must that I visit soon.

    If I was awarded the flight voucher, I would use it to visit New York. My 11 year old son has been saying he would like to visit New York. His birthday is in May, so I could surprise him with an early birthday visit there next year.

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  11. I would like to visit my friend Kisha who moved to Dallas, Texas a little over a year ago. We met while dating two friends and we just clicked..instantly. Both relationships ended but what emerged was an awesome friendship. She was my ultimate workout partner,we pushed each other to our limits and then some. Not everyone gets this “fitness lifestyle” but she does. She has been back to visit but I have yet been to visit her. I would Absolutely LOVE to surprise her and get to workout with my workout partner in Texas!! True friendships are hard to come by..this one I truly cherish.

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  12. Hello, I would like to visit Asheville, NC. I’ve passed through, but never vacationed there. It is such a beautiful place. So serene. I have two daughter’s who were diagnosed with cancer (one deceased.) Another daughter diagnosed with Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia. Another daughter with mental health issues. I NEED A VACATION LOL! My deceased daughter was misdiagnosed by her pediatrician and rheumatologist (as faking illness and then JRA.) She died of complications of leukemia. I need a lawyer and a vacation! Thank you for considering me. -Terry Hasty

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  13. I would like to getaway to Amelia Island, FL. I want to go here because I’ve heard they offer a lot such as beautiful beaches, good food, shopping, golfing (for the husband) and they have a historic district. I love the beach and I’ve heard their beaches
    are very clean and not crowded and I love learning and seeing new things, so the historic district would be right up my alley. Amelia Island is definitely on my to do list!

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