Why Broke and Abroad is going…abroad!

5E1B2D63-8C9D-4964-AA2F-DCD8E0BDC20DHappy Tuesday folks!

As you’ve heard me mention in several posts now, I’m moving abroad. When I say Abroad…I literally mean halfway across the globe and in two weeks! (Insert omg face)

Over the last several months as I’ve told people about my decision, the first question I get is WHY?! I always counter back with…why not?!

As many of you can gather from reading my blog, traveling for me is more than just seeing a new place. You see, I’m a Sagittarius(if that means anything to you) and while I’m not big on the whole zodiac thing, the one thing I do know is that we are free spirits and have a great need to travel/explore. Traveling for me is love. Aside from the planning of it all, once I get to a new destination my whole attitude changes. My eyes open just a little bit wider and my smile gets even bigger. My appreciation for the life I’ve been given becomes greater. So the thought of actually living abroad was alway in the back of my mind, I just had to find the right way to do it!

After months of research, reading blogs, and even talking to friends who have lived abroad, I knew it was something I needed and wanted to do at this stage of my life.

This brings me to the next thought or question that many express: what about your career as an attorney and do you not want to start a family? Why would you go now? And again, I counter with why not?

Yes I know I’m 25 (give or take a few years. Don’t judge me) but I’m also a believer of God and his plan for my life. Yes, I want to fall in love, get married, and have a cute kid. And while I’ve dated over the years, I’ve come to the realization that my timeline and God’s timeline of when that’s supposed to happen aren’t the same. So after several (and I mean several!) failed attempts at love, I’ve decided to sit back and let God work his magic in that department. With this move I’ve prayed and prayed and asked whether this was where he was leading me. Sure enough, other plans failed and this one somehow just worked out perfectly.

As far as my career as an attorney, I’m not quitting. Thankfully, once you take the bar exam (and pass) you’re pretty much an attorney for life as long as you pay those annoying dues and complete your CLE hours. So we’ll just say I’m taking a little sabbatical over this year away. And when I decide to come back to the states, I’ll be able to pick back up where I left off. Who knows, I may even discover a new skill set while abroad to come back and cultivate. You never know.

Now for the questions I get when people realize my mind is pretty much made up on going:

1. Am I scared? A little. I’m more anxious to get there and to start adjusting to the inevitable culture shock that I’ll go through.

2. Are you worried about Trump/North Korea/ being an American over there? Ehhh my thoughts on that is that I’m in more danger here in the states. Do you watch the news these days? Sheesh! South Korea is one of the safest countries and guns are illegal too! The biggest thing I’ll have to worry about is being stared at for being brown and having different hair. Of course I’ll always be aware of my surroundings though. I’ll never go anywhere totally naive to the fact that something could still happen. (Which reminds me to get some pepper spray)

3. Speaking of hair, girl how are you going to keep your hair done? Now I know hair is a big issue with us brown girls. But don’t worry, there are black stylists over there. So getting braids or a sew-in is only a bus or train ride away. I’ll be fine in that area.

4. Do you know Korean? I’ve actually enrolled in an online class to learn the language. I’m proud to say I can already read most of it and I’m picking up on necessary words and phrases as well. So by the time I come back your girl will know yet another language (English, Spanish, and Hangul)

Like I said, this opportunity just fell into place so I know I can’t pass it up. Yes I’ll miss home, I’ll miss my routine, and I’ll miss friends and family, but it’s only 1-year. Thanks to technology I can still keep in contact with you all whenever. (just remember there’s a 13-hour time difference though) So I’m going to go into this experience with an open mind and heart. I plan to also travel throughout Southeast Asia as much as I can so stay tuned for more travel reviews. Oh and if you miss me THAT much, my door is always open for visitors. ❤️

In closing, I ask that you send up a few prayers for my journey and that I’ll get out of this experience exactly what God wants me to. I’ll really appreciate it.

As always, thanks for reading!

안녕힝가세요 (goodbye)


14 thoughts on “Why Broke and Abroad is going…abroad!

  1. Yes!!! My fellow Sag! Follow your heart! Here’s to a fantastic and magical experience! Do all of the things! Looking forward to hearing all about it.


  2. Awesome!!!!! I admire those that can just start a new journey and i wish you the absolute best!!! Be safe but most of all Live Life and Have an AMAZING TIME !!! PEACE AND BLESSINGS


  3. I’m excited about your journey abroad DeAnna! I can’t wait to read about it . God Bless and safe travels


  4. God is watching over you. Thank you for helping us to feel more at ease about this space in your journey. Our prayers and blessings follow you each day.
    Aunt Hun


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