I changed my life…About a week Agoooooo!

Hey Folks:

So it’s been a few weeks, but I’m finally able to breathe a little since moving to South Korea a week or so ago. I still can’t believe I’m actually here. It blows my mind everyday.

Anywho, as I sort of explained in previous posts, I’m here teaching English to Elementary school aged Korean kids for a year. I’ve been assigned my schools (yea that’s school with an ‘s’ meaning they gave me 2). I haven’t officially started teaching yet because I have to go through a 4-week training called TESOL (Teaching English as a Second language) which I’ll get a certificate for after. (Yayyy another accomplishment) After that, I’ll be fed to the wolves aka I’ll begin teaching 3-6 grade Korean kids. (The equivalent of 1st – 5th in America)

So now that you know why I’m here, I can tell you what I’ve done thus far. Well for starters…I’ve eaten VERY well. (Like a little TOO well smh) Korean food is absolutely delicious. Yes they still have most American fast food places but why eat there when you can get a FULL  fresh cooked meal for $2-$8? I promise I’m going to sign up at the gym tomorrow before this gets out of hand…because ummm yea!

Outside of eating, I have done lots of exploring in the city that I’m living in. The set up in Korea amazes me so much. As you’ll see if the top picture, buildings stack about 5-7 stories high and cram multiple businesses in each building. Literally each building has 500 food places, 350 coffee shops, 20 skin care stores, a couple gyms, and then random businesses. ( There may be a slight exaggeration on those numbers but whatevs) In Korea, your main modes of transportation (and cheaper) are walking (lots and lots of walking), the city bus, the subway, or trains. So far, I’ve used them all. All are very efficient and it’s pretty easy to catch on to if you aren’t afraid of public transportation.

The program in which I’m employed through, treated us VERY well in our first week of orientation. During the day we took cultural trips to places such as the Korean Independence Hall (Korea’s version of the DC monument and a museum), The city hall in our city to meet distinguished people which also had a trick art museum (sooooo cool), to the Gakwon Temple and the Big Buddha, and then to do important stuff like apply for our Alien Registration cards which make us official residents. (WOW I live in South Korea)

As you can see, I have had quite a busy first week. I even took my first trip up to Seoul for the weekend, but I’ll talk about that in a separate post. So far, I’m enjoying my time here. I’m trying my best to learn more and more of the language each day. I can read and sound out anything but I don’t always know what it translates to. (Praise the tech Gods for Google Translate) My goal after this year is to be able to have basic convos. I know it will take a few years to fully learn everything though.

Aside from the staring (more so at my braids) the people are nice. The kids are sooooooo freaking adorable and will say hello to you 500 times when they see you aren’t Korean. (It’s cute)

Yea, so this is my first week of living in SoKo (South Korea) in a nutshell. I’ll definitely be bringing you lots more…the good…the bad…and the ugly.

As always, thanks for reading and Happy Traveling!



2 thoughts on “I changed my life…About a week Agoooooo!

  1. LOVED reading this post! So glad that you are enjoying yourself and learning so much about the culture there in SoKo! Best wishes and I can’t wait to learn/read more! 🙂


  2. You sound so happy. Who do I know that could adjust to such a change in culture? Uh, YOU 👍🏽
    Thanks for the update. You are going to fall in love with those kids.
    Love you 💖


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