Soul searching in Seoul: entry 1

Hey folks:

This past weekend I took my first trip to Seoul. When most people hear of South Korea they automatically say oh Seoul? Yea, that place.

My good friend and I took a 45 minute bus ride from her town to Seoul for less than $4. You can’t get a ticket that cheap within a city in the states.


Once we arrived in Seoul, we then took the subway to the area that we were going to. The subway system is Seoul is very cheap and easy to use. It’s actually easier than the NY system in my opinion with just as many lines.

We were headed to the Sinchon area in a well known neighborhood called Hongdae. Seoul is comprised of bigger neighborhoods that each have their own feel. Within those larger neighborhoods are smaller neighborhoods. (Crazy right?) So if you live in Charlotte think about living in south Charlotte and then having smaller areas like Steele Creek or Ballentyne. That’s kinda how it is but bigger.

My friend had gotten word of a festival in Sinchon that weekend. What kind of festival you ask? It was a WATERGUN festival. OMG!! Yes, there were two days dedicated to people having a giant watergun fight in the middle of the streets complete with a DJ and food vendors.


It was pure craziness but so much fun! We spent about 3 hours in the madness.

After getting completely soaked we headed to our airbnb to dry off and change.

We decided to walk around to find food because we were starving. We stumbled upon a very nice Bulgogi restaurant and boy was it worth it! We had this large spread (see pic) that only cost about $8 each. Yes, all that for $8 each. And get this…you can ask for more of the sides if you want for no additional price.



After stuffing our faces, we decided to do some exploring to walk some of the fullness off. We headed back to the main area of the watergun fest and they were having a full on block party. It was super cool. The DJ booth was shooting fire off to the beat of songs.


We walked even more around the area and decided to stop in what’s called a 노래방 (which translates to singing room aka Karaoke) It’s a very popular pass time here.

We paid $1 to sing 4 songs. It was the funniest thing ever. (Yes, they had American songs. I did Drake so just imagine how that went) They give you a score after your song based on your accuracy. I got a 100 on one song!! (I’m going to try out for Americas got talent because obviously I’ve missed my calling!)


We also stumbled upon several themed coffee shops which are a big thing in South Korea. I’ll do a separate post to highlight some of the most interesting ones (and trust me they are very interesting!)

After exploring we headed in for the night.

We got up the next morning and headed out to search for some American style breakfast. (Which is rare here unless you cook on your own)

After getting lost a few times from our online map, we finally found the restaurant we were looking for. It took 30 minutes or so to get our food, but it was decent considering it’s a rare find.


So as you can see my first trip to Seoul was very fun! I will definitely be back a lot over this year so stayed tuned because Seoul is a HUGE and very interesting city!

As always, thanks for reading and Happy Traveling ✈️

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