I wore my birthday suit and soaked in green tea!


Hey folks:

In today’s post I will tell you all about my first experience at a 찜질방 aka a Korean Bathhouse.

I had heard how great the experience was from a few of the other women in my program. I wasn’t able to go with them but made a vow to myself to go as soon as possible. The place was literally a 5 minute walk from where I’m staying.

So here it goes:

I walked in and paid the 5,000 won (a little less than $5) fee. I was handed a ticket with a number and two small towels.


I then walked to the door for the ladies side of the building. To paint the scene a little more, the building also has a full gym and a virtual golfing center inside plus a men’s and women’s locker room and spa.


Once you get inside the ladies side, you find the small locker that coincides with the number on your receipt (so for me #429) you place your shoes inside and take the electronic key to find a larger locker with the same number. This is where it gets fun!

You then strip down completely (and I mean completely) and lock your things up. You head into the actual spa area. Once in the spa area, I had to take a shower. (And yes the room is completely open so you have to be comfortable with nudity)

After a shower, you then begin your spa experience. The spa area has 5-6 small jacuzzi like pools each set at different temperatures from cold to hot. One of the pools even has green tea in it. (Yes real green tea) You go and soak from pool to pool as long as you want.

After you get tired of soaking, there are two saunas that you can go in. One is a normal dry sauna and the other was more of a steam room. In the steam room was a large clay pot full of salt. (I think it was sea salt but not 100% sure) You grab a handful of salt and scrub your body down then just sit. Within seconds you start dripping in sweat! The salt pulls water from your body. Once you’ve had enough of the heat, you go back and soak some more. You just keep repeating the process as long as you want. They also have a section where for an extra fee, an older lady will scrub you down and perform cupping on you to help with soreness! (Gonna try that option next)

Once you’re finished, you head back to the shower area and take another shower. They also have these seated bench style showers and it’s very interesting to see. (I won’t go into detail here but ummm just imagine ladies sitting down scrubbing everything from head to toe 😱)

After shower 2, I returned to the locker area to get dressed and head out.

Despite the nudity factor, it was the most relaxing thing ever. I slept like a baby that night. And yes, I will go back!

As always, thanks for reading and happy Traveling! ✈️


One thought on “I wore my birthday suit and soaked in green tea!

  1. Keep on experiencing young lady. I too remember being young and having different opportunities that enhance this life journey. I’m living through you now 😊 Thank you so much.


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