Travel Review: Boracay, Philippines

Hey folks!

I know it’s been a while, but I’m back with a review of my latest travel destination. As you know, I currently reside in South Korea and we recently had an extended 10-day national holiday called Chuseok. (Korean Thanksgiving plus another holiday I’m not sure of)

I knew in advance when the dates for the holiday was, but I didn’t know as soon as people who were already here. Therefore, I paid a little more than I wanted for the flight since the prices had been basically doubled and tripled to all destinations out of Korea for these dates. I was lucky to even get a seat though because most return flights were sold out.

I went with my two friends who also reside here as well.

We ended up finding a hidden gem for our lodging. The initial plan was to find a resort on (since you can usually book now, pay later with them) but I stumbled on our resort on airbnb for much less than resorts on booking. (If I told you the price, you wouldn’t believe me anyway) It was a fully serviced resort and it did not disappoint AT ALL!! I have been sworn to secrecy by my friends on the name of it because they don’t want the prices to rise lol.

We reserved a 2-bedroom 2-bath villa overlooking the water. The villa was HUGE and the balcony was even bigger. We could have easily housed 6 people in there comfortably so you can imagine how comfortable it was for only 3!

When I say the resort was full service I mean FULL SERVICE. Most airbnbs don’t have housekeeping services. Not only did we have housekeeping but we also had room service that was so cheap all we could do was laugh once we left. We had breakfast and dinner almost every night charged to the room. In addition the resort had a free shuttle that took guests to the main beach in Boracay (White Beach). There was also the prettiest infinity pool on the premises that changed colors at night and the water was soooo warm.

Now if all of this doesn’t sound amazing, the icing on the cake was the in room massage services that were provided by a 3rd party company. A full-body 65-minute massage cost us each a whopping $12!!!! Yes you read that right, 1-2. We ordered massages two nights in a row before bed. (It was heaven)

Ok, I think you get the point on how amazing the resort was. (and no I still can’t reveal the name)

I need to back track a bit to explain our arrival into Boracay. Boracay is a small island in the Philippines. You can’t fly directly into it. We flew into Caticlan airport. (The smallest airport in life.) We landed on a random runway and then had to take a 10-minute charter bus to the cargo area. It was literally a room with a single carousel for luggage.

Once we got our luggage, we then took another van to the jetty port. We had to take a boat from Caticlan onto Boracay island.

 Once we arrived on Boracay island, we took one more shuttle to our actual resort. (It sounds like a lot which it was, but it didn’t take a long time)

We arrived kinda late in the evening our first night, so we opted for dinner at the resort, welcome drinks, and the pool.

Day 2:

We started the day SUPER early (earlier than I wanted but my friends are early risers and they wanted to see the sun rise!)

After a delicious and filling breakfast at the resort, we put on our swimsuits and set out to see the beach that Boracay is famous for. (White Beach) As mentioned our resort shuttle drops off for free in D’Mall which is the shopping strip along the beach.

We made our way down the strip and WOW!!! The water!!!

We ended up finding beach chairs that belonged to a resort and just paid the fee to rent them for the day. It was only $20 to rent three chairs with umbrellas and side tables for the full day. It was also a perfect spot because it was in front of a restaurant that served us on the beach as well for no additional fee. We spent about 6 hours just eating, napping on the beach, and cooling off in the water. (We even rented a paddleboard for an hour)

After literally spending the WHOLE day at the beach, we took a tuk tuk (a local transportation car that is powered by a motorbike) back to the resort.

It was at this point that we discovered the in-room massage service. One of my friends called the number to see if they had availability within a hour for all 3 of us, and sure enough they did!

As requested, and on-time, 3 Filipino women knocked on our door for our massages. Let’s just say we were all snoring not even half way through the service. That was probably the best $12 we ever spent.

The plan was to go out and see some of the nightlife on the island (which I hear is pretty popular) but after those massages we didn’t really make it. It was lights out for us since we had a big day head on Day 3!

As you can see this was just a 24-hour period and I have so much more to talk about, but I will stop it here for now.

Until next time…

Happy Traveling.





One thought on “Travel Review: Boracay, Philippines

  1. Love living the life through your adventuresome spirit. Keep it up. Life is for living. God is watching over you. Continue to be fearless. Ther is a bigger purpose for what you are experiencing today. Love you much. Hun


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